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What Is Customer Service And Why Outsourcing Is The Answer?

Customer service is the act of supporting a customer, where interactions happen between a company representative and a client who has purchased its product or service. Customer service representatives serve to improve the experience of the customer with the company. Whether it is answering their queries or troubleshooting problems, customer service teams and BPO service providers aim to nurture lasting customer relations with the company.

Remember that good customer service is vital for most customers to feel loyalty towards a brand. Moreover, customers are also likely to repeat purchases after a good experience with a company. However, after just one bad experience, studies show that half of the business’s customers will switch to a competitive brand. This number could quickly escalate in case of multiple bad experiences, thus derailing a business. Customers are a major stakeholder of your company, and such is their power today!

Now that you know its importance, what is good customer service? While the presence of automation and chatbots has become crucial for a quicker service, the presence of a human element such as a good customer representative will never go out of value for a business! And this is where BPO agencies and outsourcing firms can be invaluable players to further your business, especially if you don't have the resources to own an in-house customer service team. Read ahead as we list why outsourcing your customer service to such agencies is the answer to building better customer-brand relationships.

Benefits of Outsourcing Customer Service

  • Outsourcing your customer service gets you in touch with expert professionals who have the experience and immense expertise to deal with customers. Moreover, these customer representatives are good at communication skills, pay attention to the smallest details and are passionate about helping people in need.

  •  One of the biggest advantages of outsourcing your customer service are the reduced costs. An outsourced team of professionals costs far lesser than hiring the same number of customer service employees and providing them with additional benefits.

  • The reduced costs also ensure a huge competitive advantage for small and medium sized businesses that may not be able to sustain a large in-house customer service team. Outsourcing then places them at par with large corporations in the business world today!

  • As the entire world is more accessible to us due to technology, businesses today deal with customers all over the globe. In such cases, achieving an efficient round the clock customer service may get quite challenging for certain businesses. To meet this need, reputed BPO service providers in India provide 24x7 customer support in different geographical time zones.

  • Outsourcing your customer services also is an incredible help if a company uses multiple communication channels to interact with customers. Talking with tons of customers over the phone, voice calls, live chat messages, emails, social media DMs, and messages gets easier with an efficient system set up as per your particular business model.

  • Sometimes, businesses may face a seasonal spike during certain periods of the year. These sales contribute a major portion to their annual business turnover! To sustain the same level of excellent customer service during this time, such companies often partner with outsourcing agencies to have more hands on deck who can efficiently handle all orders and queries.

At IDC technologies too, we study your business well and devise a customer service strategy based on your needs. We then execute it with the help of our professional customer service teams who offer round the clock service and lightening quick response times! These traits set us apart from the rest of the outsourcing agencies in India.


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