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IDC Technologies Services

At IDC Technologies, we understand the evolving business needs when it comes to IT. With our 18 years of experience, we help you with bespoke solutions under managed IT services, IT staffing and recruiting.

Workforce Solutions

We help organizations find talent effortlessly. With our AI-powered methodology, we sift through 100s of CVs to ensure you find the right fit for your organization.sf

Managed Services

With a host of managed services such as networking, data, infrastructure and security, we assist organizations with on-site and remote field support while maximizing the value of outsourcing.

Digital Services

We offer a gamut of digital services under various streams to deliver business value with quality and cost-effectively.

Application Services

We leverage our deep technology expertise and drive digital growth by offering numerous digital applications and enterprise solutions to propel your business forward.

Other Services

Apart from the above services, we also provide numerous additional services that can help your organization stay ahead of the ever-evolving market dynamics.


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