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Enterprise Solutions System Integration

Our System Integration abilities transforms your set of loosely coupled non-scalable legacy applications and vendor portals into digital assets by integrating them as a valuable resultant set of system.

Using our RPA and AIOPS capabilities we also ensure that your business continuity is seamless without the need of expensive system integrations and at the same time reduce your operational expenses with hyper automation.

Key Tenets of Our System Integration Capabilities

Why IDC Technologies

At IDC, we put our customers needs first in everything. Our team is ready to design and implement a reliable and easy-to-operate integration solution that meets the present and future needs within time and budget. We assess your application landscape and infrastructure landscape to determine the best way forward for you which strikes the right balance between your needs, time to market and optimal utilization of project resources. Our experience in the field will help you clearly understand if the integration project is worth your time and money and which integration scenario will bring max benefit to your ultimate bottomline.

  • We have a set of established practices to integrate applications with Restful APIs and other methods the introduction of a file transfer, a shared database or application modernization.

  • We properly plan load and performance testing, network latency problem assessment and middleware, design scalable architecture, introduce priority queues, and effectively use timeouts and sync calls, logging, and caching.

  • With an enterprise-wide view, we assess the potential pain points and eliminate them via the introduction of data governance rules, error message management, message completeness verification, and roll-back of distributed transactions.

  • Using sophisticated access control rules, we introduce industry-proven protocols for authentication and authorization, “safer” outbound connections, and more.

Delivering ROI for our clients

Learn how we have addressed the varying needs of our clients under different scenarios and in a variety of industries.

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