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Consumer Goods

The talent that helps you take your consumer goods business to the next level.

Partner with us to maximise potential and minimise problems. We work with you to understand your unique staffing needs. We help to build a strategic workforce plan that can match your labour needs at any given point in time.

Why IDC Technologies

We understand the importance of having the right talent at the right time in the logistics, operations, IT, and finance functions of the consumer-packaged goods (CPG) industry. We collaborate with you and build a strategic staffing program that ensures talent availability whenever there is a demand. For instance, a sales manager to a visionary leader, we fulfil thousands of seasonal and non-seasonal workforce demands.

Flexible engagements

We offer scalable and flexible solutions to help in achieving cost-effective results in less time.

Effective solutions

We work towards optimizing production, delivery and other functions through innovative and effective solutions.

Delivering ROI for our clients

Learn how we have addressed the varying needs of our clients under different scenarios and in a variety of industries.

Ready to talk about your Consumer Goods challenges?

Whatever are your needs, we ensure to help you with the right solutions.

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