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We empower your business with the right people power for you.

With world governments legislating to produce greener energy; we provide resourcing solutions as well as IT consulting and services across all the power generation sources - Thermal, Hydroelectric, Wind and Solar.

Power Generation

Why IDC Technologies

We understand the unique requirements of the domain and provide you with the right fit while offering you strong control over your hiring and turnover expenses. We offer flexible engagement options that allow for more efficient business operations.

Innovative recruiting

We find the right human power through our AI-powered sourcing tool, paired with our personal engagement to help you connect with the best talent having specialized technical experience for each job.

Drive more efficiency

We combine speed, mobility, agility, and industry knowledge to find the perfect fit and ensure a perfect recruitment strategy to fuel your global power projects and meet government targets.

Delivering ROI for our clients

Learn how we have addressed the varying needs of our clients under different scenarios and in a variety of industries.

Ready to talk about your Power Generation challenges?

Whatever are your needs, we ensure to help you with the right solutions.

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