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It came to our notice that some entities are disseminating false employment offers on behalf of IDC Technologies. Pvt. Ltd. while posing as the company's representatives, subsidiaries, or contractors.

IDC Technologies is a fast-growing recruitment and hiring company catering to our client’s needs as well as offering job opportunities for thousands of candidates.

IDC Technologies does not:

  • Charge/accept/demand money from potential candidates/job seekers.
  • Send job offers through free email providers such as IDC Tech, Gmail, Rediffmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, etc., or any other domain other than IDC Technologies.
  • Please be advised that any potential job seeker willingly corresponding with individuals claiming and pretending to represent IDC Technologies employee in any manner whether by e-mails or otherwise will be doing so at their own risk and consequences. It is strongly recommended that potential job seekers should not respond to such solicitations.
  • Nevertheless, expert recruiting companies may occasionally be used in the hiring process. Offers are always made directly by IDC Technologies. Inc. in these circumstances, not by any third party.
  • IDC Technologies will not be held liable for any loss / damaged incurred directly or indirectly by the individual action through correspondence with such unauthorized entities.
  • IDC Technologies has the right to take legal action, including criminal action, against such persons or businesses.

We appreciate that this component of our business permits us to employ you, and all we want in exchange is that you and us to develop a strong working relationship.

It is a known fact that people we hardly know are the ones to improve our lives most dramatically.

At IDC Technologies, we imbibe this fact and work our way to make a meaningful impact on the lives of our clients, partner and job seekers.

About IDC Technologies

We are a solution-oriented firm. We rely heavily on building meaningful communications and relationships. And through which, we discover, align, deliver and manage a host of managed IT and staffing services.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley in the U.S. with satellite offices across the globe, we have a pulse on the ever-evolving job market under each customer segments and industries. We enter into a partnership with you intending to work collectively with a commonly identified goal. We deliver exactly what our clients specify, adhering to quality and fast turnaround time of 24 hours.

Fueled by great teamwork and flexibility in our approach, every action that we take is aimed at driving change and that has positioned us as a leader in IT consulting and staffing services space.

IDC Technologies listed in fastest growing company
Work towards a dream and you will see dreams turning into reality.

- Prateek Gattani, CEO

At IDC Technologies, we believe that staffing is all about human connection and building relationships. And equally about transparency and integrity.

Having said that, it is important to base trust and confidence in your colleagues and teams to do the right things that drive value. We too have been focused on talent we work with, the customers we serve and work towards a mutually beneficial objective.


To be a strong, service-first, trusted and globally admired staffing & consulting strategic partner, with an aim to reinvent and redefine the dynamics of the industry.


To build centres of excellence that promote a high-quality experience for our clients and partners through the highest standards of integrity, quality and mutual respect.


Check out how we can partner with you to solve all your staffing needs.


We provide customized solutions to your staffing needs under numerous industries.

Fake Job Offer Disclaimer:

Be advised that any offers or communications not originating from our official domain ( are unauthorized and invalid. We recommend verifying the authenticity of all correspondence to safeguard against fraudulent activities or report us at