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Collections & Receivable Management (CARM)

No more chasing your debtors and worrying about cash flow concerns.

Many people are able to see, but only a few know how to recover money. We understand the importance of good cash flow and hence employ a great deal of foresight to efficiently deliver returns on unpaid receivables. Our debt collection services help you in speeding up payment and relieving the pressure on your in-house collection team.

Why IDC Technologies

We monitor credit risks, maintain customer relations and detect late payments on time. With a strong focus on delivery and a highly qualified operations team, we manage a broad range of payment recovery, first party and third party collections. We help in mitigating write-offs by efficient accounts receivable management. We comply with all the legal and regulatory issues involving third party collections and debt recovery.

A well-defined credit policy

We start with placing a well-defined credit policy in place with a strict emphasis on credit check while onboarding new customer.

Thorough analysis

We perform an upfront root cause analysis of what is currently being done, leading to a proposal of what should be happening based on our industry-specific experience and knowledge.

Automation and performance

With technology and human intelligence, we aim to achieve improved results by targeting accounts that require immediate action. We provide reports to help understand the performance of the account and the steps to be taken.

Delivering ROI for our clients

Learn how we have addressed the varying needs of our clients under different scenarios and in a variety of industries.

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