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Statement Of Work Project

For an agile, scalable and cost-effective workforce, capable to deliver change rapidly.

Using SOW allows you to gain access to specialized talent who produce vital assets and intellectual property. It helps you to adapt to changing market conditions with speed and agility, and realize higher returns on investments.

Why IDC Technologies

After a thorough review of your SOW capabilities, we help you to develop and support processes associated with each stage of SOW engagement. We create a structured procedure focusing on deliverables and outcomes to give you visibility and consistency with your SOW engagements.

Taking control of your contingent workforce

As a managed service provider undertaking SOW engagement, we take control of integrating SOW contractors into the rest of the workforce. We look after the expenses, compliance risks and performance issues while assisting in sourcing and contracting to support your existing team.

Complete SOW management services

We develop and manage a process taking into account right from sourcing and procurement, deliverables, invoicing and payments. We ensure that full SOW lifecycle engagements are efficient and cost-effective. Under SOW management services, you get visibility on all your SOW spends, cost management, tracking the overall deliverables, reporting and analytics.

Delivering ROI for our clients

Learn how we have addressed the varying needs of our clients under different scenarios and in a variety of industries.

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