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Frequently Asked Questions | IDC Technologies


  • Is there a cost for being placed with IDC Technologies?

    No. IDC Technologies works on your behalf to place you with some of the worlds’ most admired companies — at no cost to you.

  • What types of positions are available for me?

    IDC Technologies offers permanent, temporary, and temporary to permanent employment opportunities for a wide range of skill sets and in a variety of industries.

  • Does IDC Technologies offer benefits?

    Yes. IDC Technologies offers agency temp/ permanent candidates/ consultants the opportunity to earn some comprehensive benefits, including training, and the opportunity to earn paid holidays and referral bonuses, as applicable region wise. Please check with your local IDC Technologies office on the benefits available in your region.

  • What is the job placement process?

    When there is a fit between your skills, interests and a job opening, we'll invite you to go through specific screening steps, including a thorough interview. This information helps us better match you to companies that seek your skills and background and opportunities that fit your career goals. Once we find an assignment for you, we'll make certain you're thoroughly prepared for on-the-job success.

  • What do I need to do after I submit my CV?

    IDC Technologies’ highest priority is to find a job for you. If your skills are a match for our client's job needs, an IDC Technologies representative will contact you about the next steps.

  • Does IDC Technologies continue to support me after I start a job?

    Yes. At IDC Technologies, we are committed to helping you succeed. While your supervisor at the worksite is your resource for daily work-related questions, IDC Technologies is your partner and is available to support you if you have any questions or concerns that are HR related. If you have been hired for a permanent position through IDC Technologies, we will support you for 30 days while you transition into your job with your new employer. After that, you should speak with your direct supervisor if you have any questions or concerns.

  • Can I search for jobs myself or do I need to contact the local IDC Technologies office?

    You can visit our Job Seeker page and fill out the form. Our recruitment specialist will get in touch with you. Alternatively, you can also contact your local IDC Technologies office.

  • What do I do when I finish an assignment?

    Your IDC Technologies representative will be aware of your status and will continuously work to place you on new assignments. Please let us know if there is any change in your availability and remember to update your profile to include your recent job experience and any new skills you've gained.

  • What kind of career development resources does IDC Technologies offer?

    For your career development and progression, you can reach out to your representative at IDC Technologies and take advantage of our expertise and guidance.

  • How does IDC Technologies power protect my personal information?

    IDC Technologies cares about your privacy and goes to great lengths to ensure confidentiality. For more information, review our Privacy Policy.

  • What kind of services under Staffing does IDC Technologies offer?

    IDC Technologies staffing offers a full range of services designed to optimize our partners’ staffing spend. From headcount evaluation, turnover analysis, safety reviews and efficiency improvement plans to traditional, temporary and contract staffing, recruiting and placement, outsourcing, and human resource consulting.

  • What does IDC Technologies charge for staffing and recruiting services?

    Rates are determined by each client’s unique staffing requirements, expectations and factors such as proper workers compensation classification, safety record and costs associated with labour force management (onsite programs, time and attendance requirements etc.). Our business development consultants are experts in discovering your needs and business objectives which will assist you in defining the right investment for your staffing needs.

  • What is the average response time a client can expect when requesting an employee?

    Clients can expect to be contacted for consultation within 1 hour after requesting to be contacted online. IDC Technologies Staffing can fill same-day request as well as provide resumes and schedule interviews for positions that require a more thorough screening process by the client. We assure you that every candidate presented will be pre-qualified with regards to experience, skill-sets and availability.

  • I have a current supplier not providing adequate service, how do I change and how painful is it?

    The thought of changing providers can be a complicated and taxing or laborious task but we are highly experienced in managing complete transitions with many referrals to prove it. We understand that everyone is depending on you for answers and your profit margin can’t take another setback. Our Operations Team that consists of Certified Staffing Professionals, Recruiters and Risk Managers assist you with developing a 30-day exit plan that is ethical and won’t disrupt your operation.

  • How does IDC Technologies do sourcing?

    Anyone can search online for candidates. To win new business, IDC Technologies has proven that they go deeper than the competition or the client to field the right candidates, whether for a temp role, direct hire or something in between. When our client’s hire us they know the depth of our recruiting process. For instance, if you want to know how IDC Technologies is sourcing, who they’re talking to, and how they’re using contacts as a launch point for referrals, please connect with us.

  • Why IDC Technologies?

    IDC Technologies has the experience that aligns with the client’s specific needs. IDC Technologies stays one step ahead of the curve. We have always won the confidence of clients on its merit, seeking a long-term staffing relationship. It’s very important as IDC Technologies has a reputation for looking into all aspects of a client’s day-to-day operations, such as the physical requirements of the work, required computer skills, and available career paths. We have a proactive relationship with candidates that causes them to engage with a given opportunity. When hiring IDC Technologies, we want you to know that you’re getting your money’s worth from the relationship.

  • Why should I use IDC Technologies staffing services instead of filling the position on my own?

    Our team of nationwide recruiters constantly work for you - sourcing, screening and presenting qualified candidates. This is what we do every day, which gives us the edge in vetting out employees who will do the job for you. Our job is to recruit for you while you maintain business, production, increase profits, retain and develop staff and take care of your customer needs. Another important factor when using staffing is risk transfer. The exposure to compliance claims in the areas of screening, hiring and testing are very real as well as the long-term effect on U/E rates and Workers Comp Insurance when you hire the wrong employee. By utilizing a staffing provider like IDC Technologies you transfer that risk to us.


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