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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO): Fact Vs. Fiction

An RPO - recruitment process outsourcing is when businesses partner with a third party agency to fulfil their talent recruitment needs. Such services can be provided by specialized RPO agencies as well as certain consulting firms. A reputed RPO service can do much for companies today! Such a firm can lower recruitment costs, find the right talent to grow your business, and quickly refill your workforce with competent employees.

However - there are certain myths regarding RPO agencies, which is why many companies may be hesitant to try their services. Worry not! We're here to bust some of these myths and separate fact from fiction for you to make an informed decision.

Myth 1 - Partnering with RPOs Can Increase Recruitment Costs

Fact -

While many companies may feel that hiring an RPO is an added recruitment expense, this is far from the opposite! RPO agencies tend to share most of the company's recruitment costs in return for their fee. Moreover, such agencies also bring efficiency to the hiring process, making it a cost-effective deal for your business in the long run!

Good RPO partners have access to advanced technology and will also plan your recruitment strategy well. Thus, they could provide you with a large pool of candidates within a short time. This would ensure you find an employee quite faster than anticipated, thus shrinking the time and costs required to hire for the vacant position. Hence, partnering with an RPO shortens your time-per-hire as well as reduces your cost-per-hire!

Myth 2 - RPO Programs Offer Generic ‘One-Size-Fits-All’ Approach

Fact -

This entirely depends on the RPO service you choose. We recommend that you do your research well and choose an RPO that offers strategies and programs based on your company's hiring requirements.

At IDC technologies, our programs are configured based on the company's talent recruitment needs. From screening candidates according to the quality parameters set by the company culture to completing post joining formalities as required by the client - everything is meticulously done after considering the client's business requirements.

Myth 3 - In-house Recruitment Can Find Better Candidates Than RPO Agencies.

Fact -

The core responsibility of a recruitment process outsourcing service in India is hiring top talent. Because these services function with the top recruiting resources and have specialized skills, they tend to screen candidates faster in such a competitive job market.

While in-house recruitment teams may have a hard time keeping up with the changes in the recruitment industry, these agencies are always updated with new information. In fact, they can also get you in touch with candidates who may want to switch jobs but are not active on recruitment sites.

This is why even mega corporations tend to outsource parts of their recruitment process to RPO agencies despite having an internal talent acquisition team! Hiring such an agency to work parallelly with their own in-house team gets them quicker results to fill certain vacancies and reduces their own bandwidth of work to be done.

Myth 4 - Too Much Time Will Be Spent in Communication with RPO Executives

Fact -

This can be a true experience for some. To avoid this pitfall, you must look for an agency that offers transparency in communication and prioritizes your emails. You must also hash out all the communication channels of the RPO agency before entering any contract. At IDC technologies, we ensure that a business doesn't waste its precious time by constantly conveying requirements or even feedback to multiple IDC executives.

Our governance method is super transparent, providing fast and convenient communication for a client. There is one account manager stationed at the client premises who handles all the communication between the client and the offshore IDC delivery team. Hence, the client only interacts with one executive the whole time for all the requirements and deliverables!

At IDC technologies - our range of RPO services include sourcing resumes, screening candidates, lead generation, interview scheduling, business assessment, document verification, pre and post joining formalities etc.


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