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What is Company Culture & 5 Ways to Create A Positive Workplace

What Is Workplace Culture?

Workplace culture is the shared values and beliefs that people in a company live by every day. This culture can be glimpsed in their interactions, behaviour, and attitudes in the office space. These interactions are often largely influenced by the business's leadership and management system that manages the workplace.

At IDC Technologies, we believe that a positive workplace culture will let your employees thrive in their work and lead your business towards immense growth! In fact, a research survey by Deloitte has also shown that 94% of executives and 88% of employees believe that the success of a business depends on a distinct corporate culture.

A good positive work culture is what keeps the morale raised and reduces stress levels in the workplace. It leads to job satisfaction, better employee retention, increased productivity, and much more! To learn more about its importance, you can check out our article on Why Company Culture Matters!

So, how can you create a positive work culture? Here are 5 keys you can do so -

1. Establish The Core Values of Your Organization

Any business needs to have a set of core organizational values and ethics, which can be communicated to each employee of your organization. Remember that we're not talking about inspirational buzzwords used in your mission statements or marketing. These values need to be at the forefront of every aspect of your workplace and must be demonstrated through regular actions. This will encourage your employees to uphold these positive values and live by them in every part of their workplace interactions.

2. Create A Comfortable Workplace

A positive workplace can only be sustained by a comfortable environment, which trusts and supports every employee equally irrespective of their caste, gender, race, and sexual orientation. A business today must create a diverse and inclusive workplace where every employee can thrive!

Moreover, one must also encourage employees to freely voice their concerns and issues without fear of reciprocating toxicity. Stringent processes must also be set for workplace bullying or harassment. Such a comfortable workplace will serve to protect the mental health and wellness of your workforce.

3. Foster Good Communication & Teamwork

A management style that is focused on encouraging teamwork and transparent communication will contribute to the positive vibe of the workplace. A company should perform social interaction audits from time to time and welcome constructive feedback too. Businesses must also hold collaborative activities such as team outings frequently, where employees can develop friendships outside of work.

4. Set Clear Goals & Recognize Meaningful Work

Employees want to be valued and know that the work they do matters to the organization. This is why it is super important to set clear goals and a transparent growth path for employees within the organization. Accompany these set goals by motivating your employees every step of the way, training them when needed, and recognizing their achievements. Such a culture that celebrates every person's growth will infuse a positive feeling into your workplace and enable high levels of job satisfaction!

5. Offer Work-Life Balance

One of the biggest signs that a workplace culture is unhealthy is when employees show clear signs of being overworked and to the point of burnout! Instead of asking them to work overtime all the time, your culture should encourage the workforce to go home on time for some well-needed peace and quiet. Thus, they will come back the next day rejuvenated and perform better after getting their due downtime.

The key is to reward result-oriented work over the number of hours so that your culture promotes healthy competition instead of a toxic cut-throat atmosphere. Overall, a good work-life balance will ensure happy employees, and it will be easier to retain them too!

At IDC Technologies Solutions, our staffing strategies enable businesses to find candidates who fit right in their company culture. In this way, companies can work with professionals who share the same values and ethics, thus making for a holistic corporate culture.


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