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Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing An IT Staffing Firm

With the IT world evolving quickly, it's no secret that businesses today require the excellent expertise of IT staffing and recruiting companies. In an industry such as this, finding and hiring the right candidates can get pretty overwhelming for a business. To save your precious time and energy, such staffing agencies come to your rescue as they quickly get you in touch with top IT talent. However, it is also quite crucial to know which agency will be the perfect fit for your business requirements. So read ahead as we tell you about 5 mistakes a company should avoid while hiring an IT staffing agency.

Mistake 1 - Relying Solely on The Agency’s Work Experience

While staffing agencies that possess the experience of 10 plus years are a great choice, one must also look for other things they bring to your business. Rather than only hiring the agency by taking its experience at face value, have a look at how well it has adapted itself to the rapidly changing IT technology over the years.

In this aspect, IDC technologies can be a great IT staffing partner for businesses! This is because we not only bring a robust experience of 13 years to your business, but also use updated systems that are at par with the leading IT trends of today. Besides our long experience and expertise, we also boast of high success in the form of 100% client retention!

Mistake 2 - Only Focusing on Your Technical Needs

Professional staffing agencies know that bringing only technical systems to the corporate table is not enough! To find the right candidate who is a perfect fit, there are several factors the agency needs to know about your business involving your work ethics, company culture, business processes, HR policies, position KPIs etc.

Such knowledge about your business will help the agency screen better candidates for you. In this way, you will know that your capital is being used for the right recruitment efforts. Hence, you must hire a staffing agency that wants to know all about your business instead of choosing one that is only interested in fulfilling only your IT needs.

Mistake 3 - Getting Lured By The Promise of Hiring Employees Who Work for Lower Pay

Many staffing agencies may promise to find you top talent in the IT industry who will work for lower than average pay. Remember that even if you land such a deal, the employee may leave your company at the first chance they get for a better offer somewhere else.

Thus, you will not only lose out on the best members of your workforce but will also end up increasing your employee turnover costs. A reputed IT staffing company, on the other hand, will offer your candidates a competitive salary as per their required pay scale to prevent them from jumping ship in the longer run.

Mistake 4 - Setting The Bar Too Low for Communication

Be it conveying its recruiting strategies to you or being responsive to your emails - a professional staffing agency will always be transparent and clear in its communication process. Look for such an agency that prioritizes your calls and queries, has a quicker turnaround time and gives timely feedback throughout the hiring process. At IDC Technologies too, we value your time well and our staffing service provides you with top candidate resumes within a mere 24 hours!

Mistake 5 - Partnering with a cultural misfit

Just as you wouldn't risk hiring a candidate that is a cultural misfit, the same rule goes for partnering with such an IT staffing agency. An agency that does not set much stock by your business ethics and values will derail the partnership quickly.

As a business owner, if your company values are based on transparency, timeliness, quality work and trust, then you must choose a consultancy that functions by the same values. This will develop a good bond between your business and the agency, where communication, trust and work ethics match to create one cohesive working team.

As an IT staffing and recruiting company that has been in this industry for more than a decade now, we too, function with certain such values everyday. Our core values encapsulate integrity, responsibility, reliability, and result driven work ethics. We have stood by these ethics in our service to each business that partners with us, which is why our clients continue to partner with us today!


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