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Reduced Operational Costs By 25 Percent

Reduced operational costs by 25%

  • Industry :Transportation
  • Service Offered :Contract Staffing

The problem

The challenge faced by the client was to get data on predictive demand and supply for 12 months based on historical data which required a lot of Business Intelligence and AI to make the existing supply chain system more proactive and collaborative.

The solution

IDC Technologies played an integral role in the executing of the project by providing skilled Data Scientists, Python developers and Big data architects for the project. 

The project was implemented by one of our large implementation partners and we were the primary staffing supplier. Despite the project being mission and time-critical, we successfully ramped 15 resources within 7 days and the project went live within 25 days of the proposal release.

Skillsets offered by IDC:

1.Python developer

2.Hadoop Big data developer

3.Data Scientist

4.Informatica developers

5.IBM Cloud computing Architects

The outcome

The efficiencies of the Client in the areas of network planning and predictive demand are getting improved with AI capabilities. This greatly assisted the client to become more proactive by having a tool that can help with capacity planning and accurate demand forecasting. 

The existing system was also enhanced with  interactive Conversation interfaces and timely delivery of goods.


Established AI features in existing supply chain solution for improved analytics and decision making.


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