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Adapting remote work, vetting candidates: COVID-19 challenge

Adapting remote work, vetting candidates: COVID-19 challenge

The Problem

As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, one of our Tier-1 SI customers wanted to transition to a 100% virtual recruitment and onboarding methodology. There was an immediate need to perform interviews, exams, and training remotely.


Embracing the virtual model not only aided in the maintenance of operations but also demonstrated our agility in responding to difficult conditions. This change to virtual recruitment and onboarding demonstrates our dedication to keeping employees and candidates safe while also meeting business needs.

To address the requirement, IDC Technologies promptly jumped into action, providing infra support such as laptops, internet connections (either broadband or dongles), MS Teams, Zoom, and starting to use the online DocuSign procedure.

Extensive training sessions were held to guarantee that team members could become skilled in using these platforms quickly.

The Outcome

Within two weeks, the recruitment team had conducted 45 virtual video interviews and technical screenings using Microsoft Teams or Zoom. Every day, 45 hiring manager interviews were conducted via online virtual meeting. Even though the recruiting managers and talent were unable to be present on-site, we made sure that our skilled staff took care of them.

The Success

Despite the difficulties posed by the COVID-19 outbreak, we were able to fill these critical roles with excellent applicants’ online recruitment strategy.

In the skill set below, we were successful in closing openings for both niche and general skills. Share Point Developer | Mule Soft | Security Vapt | Embedded Developer | System Engineer  


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