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Why Use A Staffing Firm for Full Time Hires?

The success of IT staffing companies cannot be denied when it comes to hiring full time hires for tons of businesses today. Good staffing agencies know how to get in touch with top IT talent, hire quality employees, and finish the entire process quickly to boot! So, what makes them better at recruitment than your in-house HR team? Read ahead to know why you must employ these firms instead of using your own valuable business time and resources in recruitment.

  1. Staffing Firms Are Experts in Their Industry

    While some businesses may use their HR departments for recruiting or employ general staffing agencies, this strategy may not work well for hiring in the IT field. This is because the IT industry is a large domain with many specializations that overlap with each other and where exact job titles are not the sole indicator of a perfect hire.

    For example, your business may need a software engineer and your HR department will only know to search for such an exact job title. However, IT staffing firms know that this role can also be filled by a person whose job title is ‘software developer’. Since these agencies possess the right market knowledge and expertise in the IT industry, they make the perfect recruiting companion for businesses today.

  2. You Get Access to Better Talent Networks

    The right staffing agencies provide you with multiple channels to find the right candidate for your company and are not dependant on only online hiring websites. As they have been working many years in this industry, such agencies tend to stay in touch with an enormous pool of candidates. IT staffing and recruitment companies utilize these connections well in order to find the perfect candidates for your company.

  3. Staffing Agencies Expedite The Hiring Process

    With advanced technology and executives who specialize in recruiting tasks, staffing agencies usually accelerate the recruitment process. They save your business an immense amount of time as they quickly evaluate resumes, do thorough background checks, and handle the initial screening process of the candidates.

    Such an agency essentially streamlines the entire recruitment process, which saves you a large amount of energy and stress associated with the hiring process. Time to hire is reduced for hires, thus making it easy for your company to fill open positions quickly!

  4. You Will Incur Less Recruiting Costs

    While many companies may feel that hiring a recruitment agency may be an extra cost, it is quite the opposite! Essentially, the longer a position lies vacant, the higher the cost incurred as there is a loss in productivity. As staffing agencies reduce your time to hire, it directly reduces these costs. Hence, the cost of recruitment incurred per hire is significantly lower. This is especially beneficial for businesses who cannot afford an entire in house acquisition team as it saves much of their resources and capital.

At IDC technologies, we design perfect recruitment strategies as per your business requirements to deliver top candidates primed to succeed in your company. Being experts in the IT industry, we specialize in quickly filling the open full-time job positions in top companies across the globe.


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