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Business Process Automation: A Complete Guide

1. What is Business Process Automation (BPA)?

Business process automation or BPA is the use of technology applications, which perform repetitive tasks or processes to free up manual labour. This is why business automation is so crucial for all types of organizations today!

The use of automation in business saves your employees from doing tedious, time-consuming jobs and instead focus on strategic revenue-generating activities. In fact, 78% of business leaders agree that employees could save around 60 hours per month, with automation systems in place!*

2. Key Benefits of BPA

In such a fast pacing world, automation can be your business's best friend if used well. From tracking shipments to streamlining processes and even predicting customer behaviors - the use of BPA can digitally transform your business, accelerate processes, and drive company growth. Here are some crucial benefits of BPA.

  • Streamline Operations - The use of automation in business enhances the efficiency of processes. This means quicker turnaround times, clear accountability, and higher productivity.
  • Reduce Errors - Since machine labour replaces human efforts, processes get standardized and chances of errors are reduced significantly. Due to standardization, operations turn reliable and one can get the expected outcomes each time without room for mistakes.
  • Decrease Costs - The use of BPA ensures that employees spend less time correcting processing errors or submitting paperwork. This reduces the manpower needed for the same job, thus saving you labour costs.
  • Upgrade Customer Service - Streamlined business operations also mean improved customer service! With automated processes in place, a company can consistently meet customer expectations with ease as well as solve resolutions quickly, nurturing customer loyalty.
  • Improves Visibility - Automated processes bring an element of transparency in the organization, where one can easily gain insight into what works for the company and what doesn’t. This helps you identify bottlenecks and thus further identify business areas that can be streamlined.

3. Common Uses of BPA

Almost all areas of a company require business process automation services. Here are some major areas where it is most useful to reduce costs, save time, and improve operations.

  • Marketing - Email marketing software send emails at a predetermined time to your client lists and ensure they get updates on time without much manual effort involved in the process. CRM (client relationship management) systems also send automated emails or DMs on social media as well as use data analysis to gain insight into customer behaviour.
  • Human Resources (HR) - From document processing to employee onboarding and interview scheduling, the HR team of a company handles a wide range of automated tasks. This reduces their immense workload and helps them focus on important administration tasks for the company.
  • Sales - There are separate sales automation tools that automate recurring tasks involved in the sales process such as qualifying the right leads and assigning potential clients to the right sales rep.
  • Finance & Accounting -Many businesses use modern bookkeeping tools, which means not having to pore over complicated spreadsheets. Automated invoicing generates and sends invoices to customers while accounts payable automation ensures timely payment to suppliers. In fact, automation is also used in employee payroll management, calculating tax obligations, and expense management.

At IDC Technologies, we ensure to bring effective BPA services to an organization after analyzing your business needs and requirements. This ensures that your workflow is streamlined and business growth is headed in the right direction.



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