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Top 7 Staffing Trends of 2021

The traditional paper CVs, arduous pen tests, and long hour interviews are long a thing of the past. Today's recruitment is more than a resume with candidates being evaluated about passions and skills that go way beyond the traditional job role.

Recruiters now look for employees who are effective communicators, innovative in strategy, meet deadlines and have basic technology skills. To meet such staffing demands - IT staffing and recruiting companies often ask employers and employees both to update themselves time and again. So, read ahead to know more about the top staffing trends that will dominate the recruitment market in 2021.

  1. Millennial work culture

    Since millennials are a major chunk of the working population, they often have a great influence on workplace culture. These employees expect transparency in communication, digital competency, creative outlets at work, and flexible work culture. In 2021, businesses are predicted to adhere to these core millennial ideals to make the office more appealing to the quintessential working professional.

  2. Employer branding

    According to a report by LinkedIn, around 75% of candidates consider an employer’s brand before even applying for the job! From looking up reviews at Glassdoor to checking the company’s social media page - job seekers want to know everything about a company and its work culture.

    This is why employer branding is the key to building a solid reputation online. This year, companies will invest more in employer branding through websites, social media, and professional networks to attract the right candidates who contribute to scaling the company profits.

  3. Remote work

    Covid-19 changed the way businesses functioned, where companies had to manage an entirely remote workforce. With work from home being the norm last year, many businesses have seen its numerous benefits and now show signs to continue with it too. Remote work may become a permanent part of life for many working professionals even after the end of the pandemic.

  4. Virtual recruitment

    The pandemic also had a significant impact on the hiring process itself where virtual hiring entered the staffing scene. Now, companies could hire anyone from any part of the globe which liberated job seekers from being tied to the locale of the employer. Unrestricted by location, IT staffing and recruitment companies too could look for the top talent at a quicker pace. This is why the businesses of today are predicted to invest more in virtual interviewing and hiring technology.

  5. DEI inclusivity

    According to a study by Bullhorn - did you know that only around 16% of all leaders in the staffing industry are people of colour!? However, recent years have highlighted such issues related to workplace inequality with steps being taken to incorporate diversity in workplaces.

    Moreover, organisations that take care of the needs of everyone in equity and possess a diverse workforce have proven to be more excellent businesses than their counterparts. DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) in the workplace is set to be one of the top staffing trends in 2021.

  6. Internal talent mobility

    Often a lack of particular talent in the marketplace inspires companies to train their present employees to do multiple jobs at the same time. This is called internal talent mobility. Such a movement of employees according to the needs of the business works out well for the company as well as the employee.

    It allows companies to redeploy employees to a high demand area of the business instead of laying them off. For the employees, it is a great chance to upskill and explore new talents. Such a technique creates loyalty in the organisation, strengthens the workforce and is especially useful during times of economic distress! This year may see a spike in internal talent mobility.

  7. Hiring staffing agencies

    With too many job seekers in the market - it is often time and energy consuming for corporations to hire the right talent. Finding and keeping golden employees who provide value to the business and help scale the profits is one of the main goals of a growing company.

    This is why many businesses tend to outsource the hiring process to IT staffing and recruitment agencies who do everything from background checks to screening top candidates for them. It's quite the easiest way to focus your energies elsewhere in the business, while they do all the hiring work for you. At IDC Technologies, we provide staffing services for project-based hires, temporary staff, full-time professionals, and more!


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