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Perks of working with IDC Technologies

With constant offerings of jobs at IDC Technologies - we are always on the hunt for unique talent who will add immense value to our company. As a business that works to deliver innovative solutions to tons of clients every day, we look for similar individuals who persevere to accomplish goals and reap the benefits with us as a team. So, read ahead, as we give you a glimpse into our workplace vibe and the different perks of working with us.

  1. Healthy Work-life Balance

    We believe that a solid work-life balance is a crucial aspect in creating a good workplace. We want our employees to properly feel the value of making a difference at work as well as a sense of greater ownership of their personal lives. Such a healthy balance is encouraged in our work culture so that our employees arrive stress-free at work - all excited to explore new opportunities. It definitely also helps to say goodbye to those droll Monday blues!

  2. Commitment to Workplace Diversity and Equality

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    With a lack of equity and diversity in many workplaces of the world today - it has become even more urgent that a company recognise these issues and work towards DEI. (diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.) Recruitment policies as well as workplace culture at IDC Technologies reflect such a commitment to racial equality, cultural diversity, and providing fair opportunities for people from all walks of life.

  3. Open Communication and Transparency

    Transparent management policies and clear communication, especially from our leaders - all work together to say goodbye to complex office politics. Our workplace encourages employees towards free-thinking, making their own decisions, and holding themselves accountable for them. We are clear about our missions, keep everyone "in the loop", and support a culture of working together towards achieving new heights.

  4. Innovative Environment

    IT is one domain that is always evolving, shifting continuously as new developments crop up to replace old ways of working with data. Your work at IDC Technologies will place you in the middle of such innovations! This will allow you to explore new technologies and identify unique strategies that can be used towards the betterment of client operations.

  5. Additional Perks of Our Workplace

    Besides the above, you may also enjoy certain benefits while working as a consultant with us like medical benefits, relocation expenses, competitive salaries, and full expense paid projects. We also conduct interview counselling and employee referral programs to nurture your motivation, engagement, and growth in the company.

    At IDC Technologies - We uphold the philosophy of “We are IDC” where our employees are our friends as well as assets. This is why we appreciate perseverance and professionalism, rather than mere technical expertise in our work culture. If your ethics match with ours, you possess a strong commitment towards accomplishing goals, and would love to work with us - you may mail us your resume at


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