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What are the key benefits of outsourcing payroll?

As small and medium sized businesses keep growing, their accounting teams often suffer the huge brunt of managing payroll! This is where third-party agencies come into play as they provide you with top notch HR and payroll solutions that are suited according to your unique business model. They streamline and maintain all your tedious payroll processes, so that you may freely focus on expanding your business. Here are some of the key benefits that such firms offer to all types of businesses today!

  1. Besides managing payroll, such firms will take away your cumbersome task of keeping an accurate track of paid time offs, new hires, bonus benefits, tax change requirements etc. This saves you immense time and energy that can be effectively used to further increase your business profits.

  2. Such agencies invest in the top grade technology that ensures quick and efficient payroll solutions for your business. Access to modern technology such as robotic process automation (RPA) as well as cloud-based servers brings in high accuracy and better transparency that is required for payroll processes.

  3. Partnering with such firms proves to be super cost effective for your business as they do the job of an entire accounting team! This saves you from the high costs required to hire and maintain a team of full-time accounting professionals!

  4. Some agencies such as ours tend to offer both HR and Payroll management solutions, integrating the two services for better streamlining of such processes. This also leads to fast information upgrading and easy access to employee records.

  5. Compliance with government rules and regulations is the most crucial aspect of handling payroll! Even minor mistakes while calculating PF percentages or employee benefits can become large audit issues, leading to hefty penalties. Payroll firms help you avoid such risks as they are highly experienced in making your payroll system compliant with the current laws of the government.

  6. Outsourcing payroll also enhances productivity as it frees up your accounting personnel, which enables them to focus on more important tasks such as strategies on how to increase your business sales revenue.

  7. In-house payroll comes with its fair share of risks such as server safety, identity theft and embezzlement. This is why outsourcing works better as reputed payroll firms have secure safety policies in place and use updated encryption technologies to ensure that your company's critical data is in safe hands.

  8. At IDC Technologies too, we maintain top network security, create virtual domain networks if necessary, and even do record-keeping tasks in isolated areas to ensure the safety of your business data.

With the right information, you can now focus on finding the right payroll firm that fits well with your business needs. You can start by heading over to our website to know more about all the HR and payroll solutions that we offer at IDC Technologies.


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