Contact Us What Makes IDC Technologies A Premier Technology Services Company In The US

What makes IDC Technologies a Premier Technology Services company in the US

Be it providing staffing services or IT consulting solutions - IDC Technologies has always been at the top of its game. With clients that span large companies from the Fortune 500 in the US to SMEs in regional India - we've made our mark streamlining businesses all over the world! Here are a few reasons why we're now the most premier technology services company in the US:

  1. Core Competency and Reliable Expertise

    With an incredible 13 years of experience in the staffing industry and our routine hiring of more than 200 IT professionals each month - you may be assured that we're always up to date when it comes to recruitment strategies, new technologies, and financial solutions.

    Our technical expertise also covers a vast expanse of various IT domains, so that you may not have to individually search for different engineers or experts every time you encounter a technological hurdle in the business. From in-depth services in Infrastructure & Security to data warehousing and Mainframe - we've got just about every skill support solution to help businesses achieve new heights!

  2. Flexible Solutions for Every Business

    From budding startups to huge conglomerates, we cater to all kinds of businesses to ensure that they find the right solutions to all their problems. From streamlining operational processes to outsourcing customer service and managing payroll - we offer a wide range of solutions that are required by companies to grow today. These solutions are specifically tailor-made for your business according to your present needs and future requirements.

  3. Provide 24x7 Support Services

    We understand that time is supremely valuable for businesses, and thus ensure that our services deliver quick resolutions for your business. Be it providing staffing or IT services - IDC Technologies specialize in providing immediate support and monitoring services 24x7 in multiple time zones! Moreover, a 24 hour turnaround time ensures that you can get effective solutions for your business within a day itself.

  4. Work with Top Notch Clients

    Our immense expertise has scored us opportunities to work alongside some of the top businesses today! From Tech Mahindra to Morgan Stanley and Infosys - we regularly aid reputed companies all around the world with business operations, personnel management, technical consulting, and more. This has built us steady credibility throughout the years, where we enjoy 100 per cent success in client retention!

  5. A Team You Can Trust

    As a company, we believe in transparency at every stage while dealing with businesses. We not only partner with top-grade professionals but also compile entire teams that specialize in quickly solving issues so that you may sleep soundly, knowing who to trust when it comes to your business. Our professionals are approachable, know exactly what to do, and provide effective business solutions which establishes long term trust with our clients.

    At IDC Technologies, we believe in being there for a business right from the start of a project right through its completion. Engaging in the right business practices, transparency, and quick deliverables ensure that we remain a premier sought after agency for many businesses today.


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