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DevOps As A Service: Why Startups Consider DevOps Outsourcing

In the current industry, DevOps is a leading practice that combines software development and IT operations. This enables the generation of a holistic experience for the team and ensures a high level of quality while delivering work. This new technology trend aims to optimise and shorten the software development life cycle and even increase the efficiency of production. Creating solutions to integrate development and IT operations is the core objective of DevOps.

Mogul corporations have access to a better workforce and larger funds, so it's easy for them to build their team of DevOps professionals who can single-handedly manage the task. In contrast, small businesses and startups can find it very challenging to set up such a department in their workspace. Therefore, third-party agencies that excel in providing DevOps as a Service (DaaS) can be beneficial for these companies.

DevOps service providers have access to specialised software solutions, the latest tools, and appropriate talent in driving faster processes and yielding better products. DaaS providers offer comprehensive integration, delivery, and deployment of the project. This way, companies are not only able to save time and resources but also keep the cost under control.

Keeping a regular check and maintaining the company's infrastructure that includes virtual machines and networks is crucial. DevOps agencies can help reduce sudden inconsistencies between the environments and even provide faster and more accurate testing by using Infrastructure as Code (IaC).

DevOps outsourcing can be a valuable means to automate the workflow and manage the infrastructure smoothly in a company with multiple repetitive tasks. DevOps Architect, Automation Architect, and Automation Engineer can develop winning strategies for many tasks. Consequently, the in-house employees can get more free time and thus focus on the core business objectives.

One of the most significant benefits of relying on DevOps providers is that they can help businesses with automated testing procedures. While manual testing takes a lot of time, there is a high chance of human errors. Automation testing using DevOps ensures a faster process and proves to be accurate while saving resources and time.

Since its inception, DevOps has continued to grow and has even flapped its wings in the cloud domain. Businesses looking for cloud migration can partner with DevOps cloud service providers to efficiently fulfil their needs. Such service offers a robust system and better development and deployment of the projects.

One of the well-known branches of DaaS is DevSecOps which aims at providing appropriate security against various cyber threats. DevSecOps agencies can help you examine and determine any potential vulnerabilities in the system and even offer regular security checks.

Below is a rundown of the three main reasons startups should consider DevOps outsourcing:

1. Efficient Hiring

Interviewing, scanning, and selecting skilled DevOps professionals can be difficult, especially in such a competitive market. Handing over the recruitment needs to DevOps providers will help you fetch suitable candidates for your company. They not only have access to a large pool of qualified talents but follow rigorous hiring procedures to select the right candidates.

2. Great Experience

DevOps is a rapidly evolving technology, and therefore it is crucial to keep the team informed about the latest developments in the industry. It also includes training the professionals with any new tool and technique. DevOps providers keep their team updated and even provide relevant certifications.

3. Access to Better Resources

DevOps agencies have access to the latest tools, software, and technologies, can provide talented engineers, and consulting services to their clients. Managing complex projects and having solutions for any specific requirement becomes very easy with the support of the right DevOps service provider.

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