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Why Cloud and DevOps are better together

In today’s rapidly changing world, most companies want to increase their competitiveness, so they cannot ignore digital transformation. DevOps and cloud computing has become essential for companies to achieve digital transformation.

DevOps is about process improvement, whereas cloud computing is about technology and services. It is important to understand how the cloud and DevOps work together to help businesses achieve their transformation goals.

According to a report from IT analyst company Freedom Dynamics, using DevOps or cloud in isolation accelerates software delivery by 50%, but when used together, there is an acceleration of 81%, which means the productivity becomes much higher and stronger. So, the rewards are genuinely high.

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Here are some reasons why Cloud and DevOps are better together

  1. Cloud + DevOps accelerates software delivery

    Migrating applications to the cloud provide an excellent opportunity to modernise the hosting platform and reap the benefits of modern cloud services. For example, DevOps solutions can reduce complexity and efficiently automate everyday maintenance tasks.

    Combining cloud and DevOps helps streamline software delivery. Overall, developers and the operational staff can work strategically rather than haphazardly while dealing with large unanticipated tasks.

  2. Cloud + DevOps improves operational efficiency

    Adopting DevOps alongside a cloud platform offers a more seamless and focused route to improve operational activities. This is especially important for the organization that moves from start-up to scale-up status.

  3. Cloud + DevOps improves scalability

    Scalability is one of the key reasons for companies to choose cloud computing, helping them respond appropriately and cost-effectively to increase storage and performance according to the variations in their business.

  4. Cloud + DevOps lowers total cost of ownership

    As the usage of cloud services continues to grow, cost optimization will become a major concern for Chief Technology Officers. In this case, DevOps will help cut down the total cost of ownership by automating key components like application deployment and orchestration.

In our experience, an organisation that implements DevOps with the cloud can save money, accelerate innovation, and motivate team members. People become more energised towards their work. This will increase enthusiasm to change and fasten the improvement and advancement with commercial benefits.

As an organisation, be it a small, medium, or large enterprise, it is crucial to adapt rapidly and stay ahead of the competition, foster innovation, and run an efficient operation to continuously deliver new and high-quality products and services.

Cloud and DevOps go hand in hand. You may have one without the other, but they work much better together. You can enjoy many benefits of leveraging DevOps in conjunction with cloud computing. Together, DevOps and cloud computing are able to drive meaningful digital transformation that directly impacts business goals.

A DevOps consulting company like IDC Technologies can be of great help for businesses that are wondering about cloud and DevOps or want to use them together to streamline their processes, improve team communication and collaboration and accelerate time to market.


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