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Why Choose IDC Technologies To Meet Your Bank Staffing Needs?

Finding a financial service specialist who is a perfect fit for your company from a vast pool of candidates can get cumbersome for many companies today. This is where IDC Technologies comes to your aid by fulfilling your bank and financial services staffing needs. Whether you are a startup or a multi-national corporation, our team of experts understand the complex hiring requirements for banking positions and find the right talent for your company. So, read ahead to know how you can benefit from our staffing expertise.

1. You Can Hire The Top Talent for Your Business Quickly!

Besides online job portals, we have access to multiple talent networks where we can find top candidates for your company. As we have a long experience of working in this industry, we stay in touch with an enormous pool of highly talented passive candidates. We have experts on hand who actively engage with potential candidates, screen resumes, and conduct thorough background checks to shortlist the perfect talent pool for your business.

Moreover, we provide a quicker turnaround too, which expedites the entire hiring process. This reduces your time to hire per candidate, thus making it easy for your company to fill vacant positions quickly. A reduced time to hire also decreases your costs per hire, thus reducing your overall hiring costs!

2. We Bring Our Expertise To The Hiring Process.

While it is the norm to use HR departments for recruiting, this practice may not work well for specialized industry roles in the IT and banking fields. This is largely due to the fact that banking practices have evolved today, requiring the constant use of technology.

While previously bank officials only worked with simple technologies within the physical world of the banking branch, this is not the case anymore. With the evolution of internet banking, online payment methods, e-wallets, and more - there is a growth in banking software. Due to its dependence on the IT industry, financial service candidates are often required to also be experts with certain software technologies.

While your HR department may only know to search for a job title, we being an IT and a bank staffing agency, possess the right market knowledge and expertise to exactly know which candidate to search for! Moreover, our recruitment experts come from banking as well as an IT background. Thus, they possess the know-how to get insight into the hard and soft skills of a professional candidate.

3. Staffing Is Done for A Wide Variety of Banking Roles

Are you struggling to hire for those hard-to-fill yet unique job roles in your organization? When you partner with us, this problem goes away as we specialize in hiring a large range of job titles within the banking and financial services industry.

From temporary to permanent and senior-level positions, we have experience in hiring candidates for fields such as risk, audit, compliance, corporate banking, investment and financial services, lending, insurance, and more! We also ensure to first understand your business requirements and then set about hiring the perfect employee for your company.

4. We Handle Post-Hiring Formalities

We not only take care of the hiring process but also save you the tedious trouble of performing post-hiring duties. From filling out important documentation to conducting orientation training - we have processes kept in place to reduce the burden on your HR team. This also allows your company executives the time required to focus on core corporate tasks that help expand the business.


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