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7 Benefits of hiring managed IT services

A managed service provider takes the responsibility of handling the staffing requirements, IT maintenance, and smooth administration of your business. Outsourcing such services save your business the immense time and energy required to accomplish non-core business tasks.

Hiring a good managed IT service provider enables your business to further enhance its productivity, streamline operations, and solve critical issues quickly. Since an MSP is in touch with various competent agencies, they have the right resources and manpower to help your business achieve new heights. Basically, MSPs end up being a boon if you want to smoothly streamline business operations. Read ahead for some of the key benefits they offer to companies today.

  • Cost-effective

    Managed services help you lower labor costs as well as eliminate the huge costs required to hire and train more IT employees. With our access to new technologies, vast IT resources, and large IT personnel - we can give you top-grade IT solutions at standardized prices. In fact, At IDC Technologies - we also provide clear transparency when it comes to labor fees and cost savings.

  • Access to top notch expertise

    Many SMEs (small and medium businesses) usually have a small or even a one-person IT team that often proves to be inadequate in solving problems that require new technologies and the needed experience. MSPs on the other hand, have access to tons of experienced IT consultants and specialists who will solve your IT business problems for you quickly and efficiently.

  • Handle non-core business tasks

    As your business grows, your IT issues and management needs keep growing too! This is where you may be forced to assign additional tasks to your non-IT employees to keep things streamlined. As IT service providers - we provide a solution to this problem by handling all your non-core business tasks such as streamlining invoicing or workforce planning. This leaves your employees to focus only on core objective tasks to further grow your business.

  • Proactive approach to system maintenance

    MSPs take a proactive approach as they remotely monitor and structurally manage all your systems to diagnose and troubleshoot potential problems. A good managed IT service provider maintains all your systems for you so that you do not have to worry about future maintenance issues and network downtime. In fact, you even end up saving a lot of money as downtime is known to cost businesses significant amounts in the long run.

  • Cyber Security and compliance checks

    As third party agencies, we are totally accountable to ensure data safety, thus we strive to provide you with security both online and offline! We provide specialized focus on network security, acting as a shield between your data and cybercrime. We develop strategies as well as train your employees if necessary, to counter cyber threats such as spam, malware, phishing, and identity theft. While staffing for businesses - we also do robust compliance checks and thorough background checks to ensure that you hire the right fit for your organization.

  • Round the clock support

    As an MSP, it is our job to ensure that you get quick resolutions for your business problems. Because we offer round the clock support in multiple time zones, it becomes easy for businesses to get the required aid whenever they need it. In fact, our consultants even offer you efficient solutions within a 24-hour turnaround time!

  • Single reliable point of contact

    At IDC Technologies, we ensure that you do not have to interact with too many people to get the job done! As a managed service provider - we provide specialized teams led by a single manager who will be your reliable point of contact. This single point of contact serves as a middleman, ensuring that your issues get heard and resolved quickly.

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