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An Intro To Recruitment Process Outsourcing

A great team makes for a great company. Hiring qualified employees is a crucial part of any organization's operation and growth. While each company has a dedicated HR team to manage its workforce, scouting for and hiring the right people may need extra efforts, understanding, and commitments. Due to the busy schedule and heavy workload, the HR team might not effectively process and fulfil the desired hiring requirements. Thus, companies can acquire the best talent by partnering with agencies that offer Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services.

RPO is a part of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). The process involves a company that transfers some or all of its hiring needs to a third-party service provider to manage its talent acquisition and fill the vacant positions. Unlike the HR staff in a company who handle multiple people-related tasks, RPO agencies have a dedicated team of full-time recruiters with great experience and in-depth knowledge of the latest hiring trends. Hence, they can efficiently lead the complete process of sourcing, hiring, and onboarding new candidates for a company.

RPO providers proactively engage, plan, and discuss with their clients to create a transparent environment during the hiring journey. They even share recruitment analytics with the clients, helping them get a holistic view of the entire process. Since RPO agencies have different recruiters with profound niche experiences, they can do wonders for employers looking to fill technically advanced or specialized positions.

How do RPOs work?

RPOs follow a systematic approach to handle the entire recruitment process to keep it simple and organized.

Firstly, RPOs set up a virtual or on-site meeting with their client to understand their requirements and design a specific solution to fulfil their needs. Post that, an agreement or contract is signed between both parties. It contains information such as purview of the project, cost, time, among other details.

Once the formalities are through, RPOs actively engage in spreading the word about the job opening. They use various websites, digital platforms, and even social media strategies to reach the best talent. Upon receiving hundreds of resumes, they screen the best ones manually or using advanced AI-based algorithms. If required, assessments are also taken into consideration to filter the potential candidates. Following this, the agencies organize multiple rounds of interviews and finally present a bunch of candidates to the employer and assist them in selecting the right fit.

Advantages of RPO

Companies, be it small, mid-sized, or large, can benefit a lot from the services offered by RPO firms. Being an extension of the traditional staffing team of a company, RPOs can bring a wide range of advantages, including the following:

1. Saves time and money

RPOs generally work on strict timelines to cater to the hiring needs of companies. It ensures that organizations don't invest their valuable time in searching for appropriate candidates. The strategic approach followed by RPOs even reduces the per-hiring cost and saves a considerable amount of time and money for the company.

2. A large pool of talent

RPO agencies have an extensive repository of data containing thousands of updated CVs of skilled individuals. They have segregated lists of potential candidates from different backgrounds suitable for a variety of positions. According to the employer's hiring requirement, RPOs quickly get back with ideal candidates for the role.

3. Global hiring

RPOs can be a perfect solution for rapidly evolving companies looking to scale their service and operation in other countries. They can help companies cross local boundaries and hire the right candidate internationally.

4. Enhanced focus & energy

While RPOs work consistently and efficiently to acquire suitable talent, companies can focus more on their business and operations. The HR team can efficiently manage their current workforce by leaving all hiring responsibilities to the RPO agency associated with the company.

5. Follow guidelines

RPOs understand the importance of local laws and are always up to date. They ensure that the complete hiring process complies with hiring regulations of local, national, and international authorities.

6. Employment branding

Candidates looking for new jobs are eventually spammed with hundreds of calls, messages, and emails. While it gives them access to multiple job openings, it confuses them to select the appropriate one. RPOs develop a planned and strong message to connect with the talents and help the hiring company stand apart from the rest. Candidates can understand the job details and the company for which they are applying, making better decisions.


While good hiring decisions can do wonders, an inappropriate one can prove to be disastrous for the company's growth. It is advisable to hire someone with experience and understanding of market trends, access to experienced candidates, and the power to analyze your company's culture. A well-established RPO firm can help you with skilled and appropriate candidates suitable for any position in your organization.


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