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All about the BPO Industry in India

What is Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)?

Business process outsourcing or BPO refers to contracting standard business activities to a third-party agency. This BPO service provider effectively manages all non-core business functions and even innovatively applies technology to improve upon these processes. This form of outsourcing started around the 1990s in India and has only boomed since then!

India is now the most favoured market for BPO services, especially when it comes to catering to US and UK based companies looking to outsource their IT-related business processes. This is because the Indian BPO market offers highly skilled talent, cost-effective labour, 24/7 services, and a large pool of English-speaking professionals to companies worldwide. In fact, this sector has also created employment opportunities for millions of people today!

What are the services offered by Indian BPO companies? 

A BPO service provider in India usually provides you with the following services:

1. Customer service:

This calls for 24-hour call centre services that address and solve customer queries and complaints via telephone, mails, live chat etc. As businesses grow, so do the customers! Companies can now save on huge hiring costs by outsourcing their customer services to such BPO agencies.

2. Technical support & IT help desk:

This includes everything IT related - right from product installation to maintaining infrastructure and troubleshooting problems. Many BPO services also offer IT help desk services to companies in terms of offering support in office productivity tools, system problem resolutions, multi-channel support to interact with customers, and much more.

3. Data Entry & processing:

Data entry can be quite a tedious and time-consuming task to accomplish. Instead of focusing on such a non-core yet essential task, companies usually outsource these to BPO service providers today. This includes all data entry from books, yellow pages, e-books, websites, documents, catalogs, mailing lists etc.

4. Bookkeeping & Accounting:

These services involve maintaining a company’s account ledgers, financial statements and bank reconciliations. However, top grade BPO services not only maintain these accounts but also improve on them by performing audits, drawing up budgets, providing key financial insights and more!

5. Online form processing:

Activities in this category include payroll processing, insurance claim form processing, medical billing etc.

6. Human resources:

From taking over the recruiting to accelerating the appraisal process and reviewing company policies - Human resources are the backbone of a successful company. This is where HR outsourcing can prove to be a cost-effective gem for small and medium sized businesses.

7. Marketing services:

These services include interacting with leads and promoting a product to these potential customers for client businesses. From SEO to content and telemarketing - there are so many ways in which BPO marketing services can help a business!

8. Research & data analysis:

This involves activities such as conducting surveys, product and market research, data analysis and more. Such data driven research proves to be extremely useful for marketing agencies, investment firms, pharmaceutical businesses, etc.

At IDC Technologies too, we provide most of the above services! From IT support to financial solutions and even debt collection - we excel at providing customer satisfaction and high-quality services. Our innovative support ensures that all types of businesses end up saving on excess operational costs, work with skilled professionals, and get full-time support in a world where everything is changing by the minute.


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