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The university was using an outdated IT network platform that was no longer able to meet their needs. They were outsourcing their IT needs to a third-party subcontractor, and their data was being stored on their premises. They also needed to increase security on their remote server.

When the pandemic struck, the university was forced to close its campus and move all staff and students to remote learning. However, they had no means of accessing their data remotely, leaving the entire team disconnected from the office and unable to work.


The university faced a number of challenges in migrating to the cloud and improving their data security. These challenges included:


Our solution

IDC worked with the university to develop a solution that would address all of their challenges. The solution included:


The project had a significant impact on the university's overall operations. The university was able to continue providing education to its students during the pandemic, and they were able to reduce their IT costs. The project also helped the university to improve its data security and increase its staff productivity.


The key factors that contributed to the project's success were:


The project was a success, and the university achieved a number of benefits, including:


The project was a success, and the university achieved a number of benefits. The project demonstrates the value of working with a trusted partner to migrate to the cloud and improve data security.

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