Why Company Culture Matters

Why Company Culture Matters!

Every company has a unique way of doing things, and this is what constitutes its culture. Just as people interact with each other in their personal lives to enhance facets of their identity, it's a known fact that we also interact the same way with our employers. Such interactions impact business communication, employee turnovers, and even the company's profit scales!

At IDC technologies solutions, we believe that good company culture is the backbone of any business. A strong positive culture ensures that you find the right fit of employees who believe in your business. You also manage to retain this talent year after year, and everyone grows the business as a whole holistic community. So, read ahead as we list down some reasons why a robust company culture matters most today.

  • Employees care about their relationship with the company and it affects their motivation at work. Happy employees who believe in your core company values turn out to be more productive and work proactively to solve everyday business problems.

  • In fact, many candidates may also be willing to receive slightly less starting pay to work for a company whose values they share. This is because work is more than big paychecks and benefits for them. At the end of the day, employees want to feel valued and know that the work they do matters!

  • Such employees not only excel at work performance, but they can also be strong advocates for your business! They will live by your ethics in their daily business interactions, promote the company’s good culture to all and sundry, and bring even more talent from their social circle to your business.

  • A positive workplace culture also ensures that your employees stay longer with the business. This makes it easy to retain them for years to come and lowers your employee turnover costs.

  • When your company culture is clear and transparent, it enables people to collaborate well, make quick decisions, and transform into a good team. Here, the core values are not mere buzzwords but rather they stay front and center in every functional aspect of the organization. A toxic work environment on the other hand, will derail the communication processes and lead to chaos in the company.

  • The company culture also affects how the business is perceived in the media. For example, your customer service will be motivated to deliver high quality products and services to your clients.

  • For example - In 2009, Zappos.com employees went the extra mile and hand delivered shoes for free to a customer. In a healthy workplace, employees truly care for customers as it is a part of their training, which ultimately contributes to a good external image for the company.

  • A culture that promotes happiness and well being at work will also thrive well during change! Such high performing corporate cultures love to meet challenges and adapt well during tough times to sustain as well as bring growth to the company.

Here are some common ways one can contribute to a positive company culture -

1. Acknowledge meaningful work done by your employees

2. Promote diversity and inclusivity at the workplace

3. Aim to achieve transparent communication with your employees.

4. Encourage employees to voice issues and concerns

5. Protect the mental health and wellness of employees.

However, these are common strategies to enhance the core values of your company culture. Ultimately, a healthy work culture creates a community of people that feel supported, trusted, valued, and encouraged to collaborate with each other well.

At IDC Technologies Solutions India Pvt Limited, we not only help you hire the top talent but also ensure that they fit well into your organizational culture. Hiring such employees who believe in your business values will only benefit your company in the long run!

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